Sports Massage

Sports Massage

Recovery and Renewal

Sports massage therapy is massage traditionally applied before or after an event for the purposes of maximizing performance, as well as recovery. Today, sports massage is also used on people who enjoy recreational exercise or who suffer from pain. Sports massage can also be applied to people suffering from injuries, restricted range of motion or chronic pain.

Scott uses dōTERRA® certified pure therapeutic-grade essential oils for therapeutic massages.

Deep Oscillation® Sports Therapy

Regenerate muscle tissue faster after training, traumatic injury or damage from overstraining and surgical operations with Deep Oscillation® sports therapy. This technique is perfect for muscle aches, strains, inflammation, swelling and wounds.

Scott Morrison R.M.T. uses sports massage as a preventative approach to athletic training. Soft tissues are freed of trigger points and adhesions, contributing to the improvement of peak neuromuscular functioning.

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