Pregnancy & Pediatrics

Treatment during Pregnancy with Osteopathic Manual Practitioners in Owen Sound

During pregnancy, there are many complications that can interrupt the mother’s ability to properly provide adequate circulation and nutrients to the baby. To avoid such problems, you should consider visiting an osteopathic manual practitioner in Owen Sound.

If you are pregnant, you may find that your posture has changed due to the extra weight that you are carrying. This change in posture may cause pain to develop in your back or lower joints. Visiting an osteopath is a great solution, because they may be able to advise you on your posture in a way that prevents you from developing pain. An osteopath could also help reduce any pain that you have already developed.

Pediatric Osteopathic Treatment for Mothers & Children

Many mothers opt to have osteopathic treatment with their newborn baby in order to treat any conditions or problems that may have arisen during birth. Mother and baby osteopathy can treat everything from conditions associated with periods of oxygen deprivation during birth to a simple relaxation and bonding time after birth, a fairly traumatic experience for both mother and baby, even if it goes well!

Osteopaths believe in working as part of a system of health providers and will often refer back to your general practitioner or other allied health professional when appropriate. Contact Scott Morrison R.M.T. for more information or schedule an appointment online with an experienced osteopathic manual practitioner in Owen Sound.

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