Surgery & Recovery

Post-Operative and Post-Injury Rehabilitation in Owen Sound

If you’ve had knee or hip replacement surgery or a serious injury, you will need rehabilitation to reach full recovery. Scott Morrison R.M.T. offers osteopathy treatments for post-operative and post-injury rehabilitation in Owen Sound. Call for more information on our services, or schedule your appointment online to get the healing process started.

Pain & Injuries Osteopathy Can Treat

Soft tissue pain could include pain in any area of your body and muscles such as: Back, Neck, Shoulders, Hamstrings, Biceps, and more.

Osteopathy can be used to treat these types of soft tissue pain from post-surgery situations. It can also be used to treat joint pain, such as pain in the knees or hips as well as joint pain caused by arthritis. Osteopathy can also be used to encourage healing after fractures and treat injuries such as whiplash, sprains and strains. Treatment for sports injuries and injuries caused to the back from heavy lifting are commonly treated by osteopaths.

Car accidents and falls from horses jolt your body and may leave you with misaligned areas of bone and soft tissue. Your osteopath will be able to find these areas and use gentle movements to realign your body structure. This manual therapy will alleviate your pain and enhance your body’s function. Digestive disorders can also be treated by an osteopath as your digestive system will also benefit from the restoration of balance between your body’s systems.

When to Get Osteopathic Treatment

You should consider osteopathic treatment if you have low energy levels, have trouble relaxing or have problems sleeping. Many people find that they feel more alert and have higher energy levels during osteopathic treatment. This is due to the fact that osteopathy enhances the efficiency of your whole body by improving the blood flow, lymphatic system and nervous system.

The increase in the efficiency of your lymphatic system will increase your healing speed, thus reducing the likelihood of succumbing to infection or illness. This, coupled with the relaxing effect of osteopathy, means that osteopathic treatment is a good option if you suffer with insomnia.

Due to the beneficial effect on the body as a whole, patients with long term illnesses or injuries often find relief from osteopathic treatment. If you are asthmatic, diabetic or suffer from any other chronic illness or disease, you may find that osteopathic treatment is effective. It can reduce the severity of your symptoms by enhancing your body’s own ability to heal.

Post-Operative & Post-Injury Treatment Technology

Along with manual osteopathic treatments, Scott Morrison uses several different technological systems to provide fast and efficient healing processes.

  • Game Ready® uniquely combines proven cold and compression therapies in a dual-action treatment system that sets a new standard of care in injury and post-op recovery. Using this technology, patients show increased tolerance to their rehab, which results in a faster recovery.
  • DEEP OSCILLATION® is a patented principle of therapy based on the effects of an electrostatic field. It is used with great success in various medical and therapeutic fields because it opens unique possibilities of application.
  • Theralase is a superpulsed laser system that can penetrate up to 4 inches into tissue. This promotes cellular regeneration at the source of injury. Laser energy helps repair damaged cells by accelerating the body’s natural healing mechanisms. Depending on the severity of your injury, you can return to an active, pain-free lifestyle within a few weeks, while many other treatments take months or years to reduce pain.

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